Good Food

Buon Cibo

A Taste Full of Secrets

Do you want to enhance your day by wine tasting with the best food pairing? Let us guide you through. At Great Gatsby Touring Company, we connect our customers with various aspects of touring vineyards, appreciating wine, food pairings in California and elsewhere.


The different relishing textures of food and wine leave your palate with everlasting taste and makes your soul crave more. When you perfectly pair food and wine with the same intensity, you match both the textures, which gives you an exquisite tasting experience like never before.

From Napa, Sonoma to Sacramento and elsewhere, our team is acquainted with high-end dining, winemakers, and vineyards. We offer the right pairing of wine and food on the go by providing helpful resources for finding new places where you can enjoy good food and wine.